Capo Subscriptions

Frequently-Asked Questions

Last Updated September 28, 2021

Capo is now available exclusively through a recurring, yearly subscription from the App Store. If you purchased Capo for macOS before subscriptions were introduced, please read this.

Q: What subscription plans do you offer?

We have two subscriptions to choose from:

Capo Pro (a.k.a. Capo touch Pro)

A Pro subscription grants you full access to all of Capo's features, but only on the platform that you purchased it on.

For example, if you subscribe from your iPhone you can also access the features on your iPad, and vice versa. If you subscribe from your iMac you can also access the features from your MacBook Pro, and vice versa.

Capo Platinum

A Platinum subscription is identical, except you get access to the features on all your devices running macOS and iOS. This is the best option available, and gives you a discount compared with the cost of subscribing separately.

Q: I already purchased Capo 3, or Capo touch. Do I need to subscribe?

No. You will continue to get access to the features you paid for, and future updates and improvements to those features. Read more about the transition to subscriptions here.

Q: I already have a Pro subscription—how do I upgrade to Platinum?

Fortunately, upgrading to the Capo Platinum subscription is easy, and lets you use Capo on all your Macs, iPhones, and iPads:

  1. Launch Apple's subscription management screen
  2. Choose the Capo Pro subscription that is currently active
  3. From the list of options, change your selection from Pro to Platinum

Once you make your selection, Apple activates the Platinum subscription immediately, and automatically refunds you the balance of the Pro subscription that you haven't used—easy peasy!

Q: Can I share my Capo subscription with my family members?

Yes! When Apple (finally) added family sharing support to subscriptions, we made sure to enable it right away, and at no extra charge to our existing subscribers.

Because Apple didn't enable this for our existing subscribers automatically, you should verify that family sharing is enabled for your Capo Pro or Platinum subscription. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Apple's subscription management screen
  2. Choose the Capo Pro or Platinum subscription that is currently active
  3. Make sure the "Share With Family" switch is turned on

Q: Is there a discount on subscriptions for existing customers?

Yes, and customers that previously purchased Capo or Capo touch are eligible for a lifetime discount on the yearly subscription fee.

Again, a subscription is not required, and if you previously purchased the product you will not experience any additional functionality until we begin introducing subscriber-only features in the future. You can read more about this here.

You are welcome to subscribe proactively, of course. That way, once the subscriber-only features arrive you will get access to them immediately.

Q: Is there a difference in the discount if I purchased Capo 3, or Capo touch in the past?

Yes. Customers that have purchased Capo 3 in the past will get a much deeper discount on the Platinum subscription plan.

We advise those of you that purchased both of our products to subscribe from the Mac, when that time comes.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

Use this link to manage your subscriptions, select the Capo subscription that is in the list, and then choose to cancel.

You will still have access to the features through the end of the year, but will no longer be billed after that.

Q: How do I get a refund for my subscription?

In your purchase email from the App Store, click the Report a Problem link that appears below the subscription you purchased.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds on your behalf.

Should you decide to cancel your subscription in this way, we would appreciate hearing from you to learn what led to your decision. Found a bug? Help us try and fix it! Did you subscribe by accident? We would like to find a way to prevent those accidents for others!

Q: Can I subscribe outside the App Store?

No. While it would make us more money for each subscription we sell, we decided in favor of focusing on our product rather than building and maintaining our own subscription system.

(Not a) Q: I hate the idea of subscriptions, and just want to pay once!

We are sorry if we upset you with these changes, but the ball started rolling on this a while ago—there is no turning back now!

Our hope is that we can demonstrate to you why this was the best decision for us, because nothing we could write will change any strongly-held opinions on this matter. Besides, our time is better spent carrying out our big plans for Capo, so you can look for further communication from us in the form of bug fixes and new features.