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2018/12/13 SuperMegaUltraGroovy Releases Capo 3.7, revealing an All-New Look for Capo on the Mac

Today SuperMegaUltraGroovy released a significant update to Capo, its flagship software for the Mac that helps musicians learn new music by ear without the help of tabs or sheet music. In addition to an all-new look, Capo adds support for Dark Mode, and introduces the Control Strip that first appeared in its iOS counterpart, Capo touch.

Past Releases

2017/07/27SuperMegaUltraGroovy Releases Capo touch 2.5, making more songs available to Apple Music subscribers

2016/12/15SuperMegaUltraGroovy Releases Capo 3.5 with all-new Song Views, Transcription Playhead, Touch Bar support, and more

2015/12/16SuperMegaUltraGroovy Introduces All-New Isolation Feature for Capo and Capo touch

2015/08/04SuperMegaUltraGroovy Announces Capo 3.3 for Mac, including major visual and audio enhancements

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