Waterloo, ON - November 17, 2020. Today SuperMegaUltraGroovy announced a major update to Capo, the award-winning app for macOS and iOS that helps musicians learn to play songs by ear. This update introduces all-new Structure and Chords song views, and includes SuperMegaUltraGroovy’s latest 4th-generation chord detection technology.

“By adding new song views to Capo, we unlock new ways to interact with and learn songs,” says Chris Liscio, the company’s founder and primary developer. “The new song views in this release help you map out arrangements, and produce chord charts that you can play along with.”

The Structure song view offers a high-level look at the song’s bars (or measures) arranged into user-defined sections. This vertically-scrolling overview of the song helps users familiarize themselves with the arrangement that they’re learning, and provides tools for manipulating Capo’s automatically-detected bar and beat locations.

Capo’s Chords song view acts as a chord chart display, which is generated using a mixture of Capo’s automatically-detected (and user-editable) chords and bar locations, and user-defined section markings. Users can view chords by name (e.g. “Gmaj7”, “Fm”), or with accompanying guitar or simplified piano diagrams. Guitar chord diagrams can be modified for alternate tunings, other stringed instruments (bass, banjo, ukulele, or mandolin,) and left-handed versions of the same.

It’s far more accurate, detects many more chords, and now it can even identify inversions.

The new chord detection engine in Capo 4 is powered by a deep neural network that was developed and trained in-house at SuperMegaUltraGroovy using proprietary tools. “Our chord detection has always used some form of machine learning, but what we’re shipping with Capo 4 is a huge leap forward for us,” says Liscio. “It’s far more accurate, detects many more chords, and now it can even identify inversions.” Capo’s support for inversions allows it to identify the lowest note played in any given chord. For example, it can now distinguish between a C major chord that is played with a C, an E, or a G in the bass.

Availability and Pricing

The Free Edition of Capo 4 is available for download on the App Store for users running macOS 10.12, iOS 12, and newer versions. Capo 4’s newly-introduced song views require macOS 11 Big Sur and iOS 14, and the new chord detection engine requires macOS 10.14 Mojave and iOS 12. Capo 4 for macOS is a Universal app, and runs natively on Macs with Apple Silicon as well as Intel-based Macs.

To unlock full editing capabilities, an active subscription is required. The subscription costs $49.99 yearly for cross-platform use, $39.99 yearly for macOS-only use, and $19.99 yearly for iOS-only users. Prices are in US dollars, and may vary depending on region and upgrade discount eligibility.

About SuperMegaUltraGroovy

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