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A Bug Hunting Story: How Album Artwork Caused a System-Wide Loss of Audio

Capo was not playing audio for some users on Intel Macs running Sonoma. After spending almost two weeks (and about $850) I discovered that macOS Sonoma had a rather nasty bug that was triggered by loading JPEG images.

GigGab Podcast Appearance

I was very fortunate to get an invite from Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent to appear on the Gig Gab Podcast. I had a blast chatting with them…

Capo's Curious Chords Conundrum

When you place an A# chord in Capo, you probably don’t want it to get replaced with a Bb. That kind of strange behavior is what I set out to fix in 4.3.1. Unfortunately, during the QA cycle I learned that my fix is incomplete…

Hey, Look—It's Capo 4.3!

Only a few (long!) months after sending 4.2 out the door, we’re back with another bite-sized update that continues to nudge Capo forwards. Here’s what we’ve got for you…


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