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A Bug Hunting Story: How Album Artwork Caused a System-Wide Loss of Audio

Capo was not playing audio for some users on Intel Macs running Sonoma. After spending almost two weeks (and about $850) I discovered that macOS Sonoma had a rather nasty bug that was triggered by loading JPEG images.

GigGab Podcast Appearance

I was very fortunate to get an invite from Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent to appear on the Gig Gab Podcast. I had a blast chatting with them…

Capo's Curious Chords Conundrum

When you place an A# chord in Capo, you probably don’t want it to get replaced with a Bb. That kind of strange behavior is what I set out to fix in 4.3.1. Unfortunately, during the QA cycle I learned that my fix is incomplete…

Hey, Look—It's Capo 4.3!

Only a few (long!) months after sending 4.2 out the door, we’re back with another bite-sized update that continues to nudge Capo forwards. Here’s what we’ve got for you…

Capo 4.2 Now Available

In case you've not already seen it, you can grab the latest version of Capo from the App Store on iOS or macOS.

A Bug Hunting Story: More Fun in the Land of Drag & Drop

It’s not uncommon for me to start my day with a random song stuck in my head. I don’t necessarily hear the song on TV or the radio—it just starts playing in my mind, uninvited, and wants to come out.

Capo 4.1 Now Available

Judging by the release notes, the latest minor update to Capo might seem a little thin on changes. There are a few reasons for that.

More on AVAudioEngine + AirPods

I found the cause of the most recent of my AVAudioEngine + AirPods issues, and an end-user workaround to go along with it. Sadly, this isn’t something I can easily patch with code.