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Developer PSA: Check Your Receipt Validation Code

There is a bug in macOS that triggers a nasty failure in the receipt validation code that you probably ship with your Mac app right now, and you need to fix it.

Capo 3.7, and Capo touch 2.9

Today we introduced a pair of significant updates to Capo on both platforms, but also made some big changes to the way we sell our software. If everything works the way I designed it to, these changes will go unnoticed by our existing customers. The ones that don't read the blog, anyway…

March 2018 Capo updates

Recently we shipped some maintenance updates to Capo and Capo touch that contain a significant change that’s worth elaborating on.

FuzzMeasure is now part of RØDE Microphones

Long story short: FuzzMeasure is now a part of RØDETest: a new range of software, microphones, and accessories from RØDE.

Capo touch 2.7: The Control Strip

We've released another great update to Capo touch—just in time for the iPhone X launch!

Capo touch 2.5

Capo touch 2.5 is now available from the App Store, and it includes a number of enhancements and new features. The most significant improvement is that we've made more songs available to Apple Music subscribers.

Capo 3.5 Now Available

We're very excited to announce the immediate availability of Capo 3.5 for the Mac. This release represents a huge development effort, and I'm especially proud with how this release shaped up.

Developer PSA: The Discrete GPU and You

Do you ship an application for the Mac? If so, you'll want to read this bit of info in light of the new 2016 MacBook Pros.