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Editing Capo's Beat Grid

Buried in the list of features that we added to Capo 4 was the oft-requested ability to manipulate Capo’s detected beat locations.

Capo 4 is Now Available

Today's release introduces two all-new song views, and includes our significantly-improved, 4th-generation chord detection engine.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: Training the Deep Neural Network

The software that trains Capo’s chord detection engine can learn from *hundreds* of songs per minute, and chews through more than *a month* worth of audio in a little over an hour.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: Preparing for Training

To train Capo’s chord detector efficiently, the collection of songs and chord labels in our training data set must first get processed by a few tools.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: We Need More Input!

Just as Johnny 5 demonstrated in the 80s, you need as much data as possible to effectively train a deep neural network.

Coming Soon: Chord Intelligence mkIV

I’m not one for pre-announcing features or releases, but 2020 has been a very unusual year so far, so let’s just go with it.

Developer PSA: Check Your Receipt Validation Code

There is a bug in macOS that triggers a nasty failure in the receipt validation code that you probably ship with your Mac app right now, and you need to fix it.

Capo 3.7, and Capo touch 2.9

Today we introduced a pair of significant updates to Capo on both platforms, but also made some big changes to the way we sell our software. If everything works the way I designed it to, these changes will go unnoticed by our existing customers. The ones that don't read the blog, anyway…