Reverse Engineering Rock 'n' Roll

Capo uses a blend of advanced signal processing and machine learning to help you learn songs by ear. Its powerful, simple-to-use tools allow you to dig deep into the details of a recording so you can learn to play songs more accurately, and in less time.

Hear notes more clearly

Slow it down, solo instruments, and listen to quickly-played notes frozen in time.

Start playing songs faster

Automatically detected chords and beats give you a massive head start on learning new tracks.

Pick up where you left off

Capo's Projects store the changes you make to chords, looping regions, and even the playhead location for when you return.

Tab It Out, Hear Each Note

Use your mouse to draw notes inside the spectrogram. As you click and highlight each note, hear it played back as tablature is generated automatically for you—no need to keep a notepad at hand to transcribe solos.

This App is so bleepin' awesome


A musicians essential tool! I have learned deep dives into so many licks, genres and transcribing every kind of tune. This is the best I've found. And the isolation algrhythm you can key in on any mix and pick out any part you are trying to comp. It's a truly Baddass piece of software. I use it to load samples into my Nord as well. You can make a region, tune it by cents or by half steps, then export any length of region. and load it into a sampler. Beyond fives stars as far as I'm concerned.

Meastrojj - United States

Capo for macOS

Great learning tool


I play the wooden Irish flute, and it is great to use Capo to slow down tunes while maintaining pitch. I also use the looping of small sections to grasp complex parts. In addition, I have flutes in multiple keys. The standard Irish flute is in the key of D. But sometimes I want to play and learn a tune on my E flat flute, and Capo allows me the change the pitch on a recording which I often do - i.e changing the pitch from D to E flat to accommodate my E flat flute (or E flat whistle). Thanks for a great product.

Trad Soloist - United States

Capo for macOS

Great app for bands


This app has everything you need to rehearse songs at home it's a must if you play in worship bands or wedding bands. where you need to learn songs almost every week.

wolfsoto - United States

Capo for macOS

Best audio software there is


Capo let's you squeeze anything you can possibly imagine out of any audio file. And it keeps improving! Love Capo!

Riesje69 - Netherlands

Capo for macOS

Apple Design Award

Mac Developer Showcase

Winner 2011

Best of Mac App Store

Best Apps of the Year


iMore Best of 2014 Award

Audio App of the Year


“Whether I go to learn a song myself or teach someone how to play a song, I bring it up in Capo.”

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Capo is a fantastic way to analyze & learn music quickly; I love how clean the pitch algorithm is even at 1/4 speed. Capo is a great teaching & learning tool whether you're a rank beginner or a seasoned professional.

I have been wishing for this software for years. It's incredibly useful, whether I'm charting my own songs for the players who join me, or discovering exactly what is being played on a recording I love.

I am a devout Capo user for a couple of years now—it's the GREATEST of all, especially since it makes a library of your tunes you work on and is sonically great. It's my go-to music learning app!

Capo is an invaluable learning tool. I use it to loop hard phrases, and slow them down with very few artifacts, making them easy to master!

Vernon Reid

Guitarist for Living Colour

Kristian Bush

Guitarist/Singer for Sugarland

Will Lee

Bassist for David Letterman

Pete Thorn

Guitarist for Chris Cornell

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Capo Specifications


  • Slow down audio without affecting pitch
  • Transpose to different keys
  • Isolate instruments and vocals
  • Eliminate instruments and vocals
  • Scrub with audio frozen in time

Song Analysis

  • Detects chords, and the key of your song files
  • Uses beat detection to calculate tempo and provide snapping
  • Powerful Spectrogram display for simple tabbing


  • Draw on the Spectrogram to generate tablature
  • Displays tablature for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, and 4-6 string Bass


  • Detected chords can be edited one at a time, or globally
  • Can display Chord Names, Chord Boxes, Simple Piano diagrams, or nothing if you prefer!
  • Chord boxes for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, and 4-6 string Bass
  • Left-handed chord box display also available


  • Song-synchronized click track
  • Includes 5 different metronome sounds
  • Metronome can count in your looping regions


  • Regions can be looped for practice
  • Markers mark the notable points in a song
  • Rename regions and change their colors to keep organized

User Interface

  • Designed specifically for the Mac
  • Switch between Practice and Tabbing modes
  • Supports MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
  • Toggle visibility of Chords and Notes
  • Full Screen support
  • Autosave

Custom Control

  • Capo can be configured to use custom keystrokes for playback control
  • Use MIDI foot switches and controllers to control Capo's playback


  • Audio, user entries, and effects are saved into Projects
  • Sync projects using iCloud for use with Capo touch and your other Macs
  • Share projects using AirDrop, Messages, and more
  • Continue your work on your iPad or iPhone running Capo touch using Handoff.

Supported File Formats

  • Purchased, DRM-free audio from iTunes
  • WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP4, M4A, FLAC
  • Cannot load protected M4P files


  • M4A/AIFF files with playback adjustments
  • Audio-synchronized MIDI files with chord and note entries


  • A Mac running macOS Sierra (10.12) or newer
Download on the Mac App Store

Capo requires macOS 10.12 or later

Capo uses ZTX PRO Time Stretch/Pitch Shift Technology licensed from Zynaptiq GmbH.