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#014 - Summer 2022

Our new community site, a fine-tuning tip, and more on our free edition for music students.

#013 - Winter 2022

Want to clean up Capo's chord charts? Tailor chords to suit your personal style? Read on for tips like these, and more.

#012 - Fall 2021

New Videos, Editing Beats, and more

#011 - Fall 2020

Capo 4, editing Capo's beat grid, and a blog series on chord detection.

#010 - Spring 2017

FuzzMeasure in the Classroom, Tuning a Home Studio (Coming Soon!), Alicia Keys' Guitarist on Capo.

#009 – Winter 2017

Today's Modern Music Teacher, Video: Tabbing Solos Gets Even Quicker, FuzzMeasure in the Studios of LA, Measuring your Room Acoustics, Touch Bar Support in Capo, ICYMI: Capo touch 2.4, Video: Creating Music Cues with Capo.

#008 – Fall 2016

World-class bassist uses Capo, FuzzMeasure measurements for monitor reviews, Capo YouTube video for vocalists, Why isn't Capo getting all the chords correct?! and more!

#007 – Summer 2016

Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer discusses his use of FuzzMeasure, an isolation tutorial from Texas Blues Alley, FuzzMeasure 4.1 info, and more.

#006 – Winter 2016

FuzzMeasure case study on live sound setup in the U.K, Ask.Audio review on FuzzMeasure 4, announcing the all-new isolation feature for Capo and Capo touch, and tips & tricks on using this new feature.

#005 – Summer 2015

FuzzMeasure case study with Tony Terrebonne on pro studio setup, announcing Capo 3.3, Podcasts from SuperMegaUltraGroovy President, Chris Liscio and a FuzzMeasure Power Tip on selecting a microphone.

#004 – Spring 2015

Case study with Matt Vanacoro on using Capo for music education, Capo 3.2 and FuzzMeasure 4 are released and how to export notes and/or chords to your DAW via MIDI export with Capo.

#003 – Winter 2015

Interview with studio designer Chris Owens, learn to add the “Now Playing” song in Capo touch and how Capo touch can be used with your guitar amp simulation apps.

#002 – Fall 2014

Video with Larkin Poe, Reflecting on Ten Years of FuzzMeasure, and Shifting the Downbeat in Capo touch.

#001 – Summer 2014

Q&A with Al Carty, Chord Intelligence, and Editing Chords.