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Capo 4.1 Now Available

Judging by the release notes, the latest minor update to Capo might seem a little thin on changes. There are a few reasons for that.

More on AVAudioEngine + AirPods

I found the cause of the most recent of my AVAudioEngine + AirPods issues, and an end-user workaround to go along with it. Sadly, this isn’t something I can easily patch with code.

It’s over between us, AVAudioEngine

I’ve been writing audio code for macOS since 2003, and it’s never been an easy task[…] But the problems were purely related to the inherent complexity of audio and hardware.

Chord Intelligence mkIV: The Driver

There is a high-level component in my training software that is responsible for executing each of the experiments that I need to perform in my chord detection research. I call it the driver, because it drives the training process on my behalf.


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