Transitioning to Subscriptions

Important information for our existing, paid customers

Last Updated December 16, 2018

If you take one thing away from reading this article, it should be this: you don't need to do anything right now!

You will continue to receive free updates to the software, with access to all the features you paid for, along with bug fixes and enhancements to those features. If you purchased Capo directly (via FastSpring, and not the Mac App Store), please read this post.

While other companies may require all their existing paid customers to subscribe in order to get future updates, we instead decided that none of our existing customers should require a subscription! Slowly, we hope to earn each one of your subscriptions by continuing to deliver great updates to the features you have, and by introducing exciting, subscriber-only features that (we hope) will be difficult for you to pass up.

Here are some examples of what you will continue to get:

  • When we make chord detection faster, or give it new capabilities, you get that for free
  • If Capo adds support for a new Apple device or technology (things like Touch Bar, or 3D touch/haptics), you get that for free
  • If the UI in Capo is re-styled for any reason (like Dark Mode for macOS), you get that for free
  • And, of course, as we fix bugs in the software, you get that as well! For. Free.

Effectively, by purchasing Capo or Capo touch while it was a paid-up-front app, you have earned yourself a lifetime subscription to access Capo's current feature set. It's our way of saying thanks, and showing our appreciation for your support during Capo's first decade of existence!

Now, what you will not get:

In the near future we will introduce features that will not be available unless you subscribe. These are very big features that we have been designing and prototyping for a few years now. To be extremely silly with an example, imagine this totally-fake update:

Capo {VERSION_FROM_THE_FUTURE} adds an all-new Virtual Reality Song View that allows you to walk through your favorite songs! Want to isolate an instrument? Take a virtual lawn-mower and trim away the sounds you want to eliminate.

Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, you would not get this for free. But all is not lost!

Because your early support is valued

When we do introduce a feature like the above, you will be given the opportunity to subscribe at a discounted rate. Forever. That's right—your early support will continue to pay off, year after year!

In fact, we already offer the option for you to subscribe today with the discount already applied! If it's not already clear, there is currently no real benefit to doing this until those subscriber-only features show up.

Why do we offer this now? Well, we have heard from a small number of you that have asked for a way to show us additional financial support because you bought Capo so long ago, and have been hoping for some paid updates to send us a few bucks. (We really do appreciate your enthusiasm—thanks!)

What if you subscribe, then later decide to cancel?

In that case, your copy of Capo will not revert to the same trial mode that customers get when they download Capo for free. Instead, your copy of Capo will return to the feature set you originally paid for, including all the improvements and bug fixes we have made along the way.

If you purchased from us directly

There is a small wrinkle in this transition, and it involves our direct-sale customers. That is, the people that purchased and downloaded Capo from us directly will no longer find a download link on the website. (This is not entirely true. Read here for further information about that.)

The version of Capo that you download from the Mac App Store should already be unlocked when you download it. Capo can find your stored license information from the direct-sale version that you have installed.

We put a bit more information about this on our post about downloads.

Any Questions?

We totally get that this might be confusing, and some of you might be left with questions or concerns about these changes.

Just know that we spent a very long time on the design of this transition. We created a transition plan that (we hope!) will be as smooth as possible for the people that already paid us for our products. In fact, we have tested this model with Capo touch first—just to make sure that it could technically work. (Spoiler alert: it did!)

With that out of the way, feel free to send us your questions and comments to We'd love to hear from you!