Where are the Downloads?

Getting access to older versions

Last Updated December 9, 2018

Capo is now available exclusively on the Mac App Store as a free download. Your license information will unlock the software so that it operates without the trial limitations—with all the same features as before, plus bug fixes and enhancements.

How to tell if the software is unlocked

How can you tell that Capo unlocked? You should not see the Trial Mode text shown at the top of the window when a project is loaded, as shown below.

If Capo is not already unlocked

The quickest way to unlock your copy of Capo from the Mac App Store, would be to locate your purchase email. This is the one that contains your license key information in the form of a clickable link. The title of the email should be something like, "Your Capo 3 Delivery Information", and the email address comes from fastspring.com.

If you are using Apple Mail, this search should find your email: "from:fastspring subject:capo 3 delivery". Make sure that you are searching all your mail, and not just your Inbox—it may have come in a long time ago!

If you cannot locate this email, you can contact us for assistance in looking up your order. Giving us your email address (or a few, in case you have changed it over the years), your full name, and (if you have it) a FastSpring order number, we can get you that information even quicker.

If you still need to download a legacy version of Capo

We still provide access to the old download page so that you can obtain a copy of Capo 3.6.2 or earlier. This is not recommended unless you are running macOS 10.11 or earlier.

Note that these earlier versions cannot be activated via a subscription, and we can provide only limited support for these legacy versions of Capo.