Capo touch 2.9

What's New?

New Features

  • Markers! We finally brought this popular feature from Capo on macOS over to Capo touch. You’ll find a new entry in your Control Strip to access these controls.
  • The all-new Capo Platinum subscription lets you activate the fully-featured Capo 3 for macOS in addition to unlocking all the Pro features in Capo touch.


  • The main Waveform area of the display is now powered by the same engine on macOS and iOS versions of Capo. It scrolls more smoothly, looks better, and was built to support exciting new features.
  • You can now tap on regions to de-select them, which is helpful when a looping region extends past both edges of the screen.
  • The Metronome settings now allow you to enable the click without requiring count-in to be enabled.
  • The icon in the PLAYBACK control strip now reflects whether count-in is active, or just the metronome.
  • We improved the appearance of the search bar that is displayed when editing chords on iOS 11 and later.

Bug Fixes

  • The waveform display should no longer flicker at the edges as you scroll through the song.
  • Various issues related to “stretched” numbers in the timeline have all been resolved.
  • When creating a New Project, you are now asked to select between browsing your Music library or choosing an audio file to import. This eliminates an issue where the Import Audio tab would display two tab bars on iPhone X devices, or—on devices with a home button—get stuck on the Recents tab.
  • When adding a new chord to the song, Capo now correctly plays its audible feedback in all cases.
  • The saved zoom level now restores when loading a saved project.
  • The Play button should be a bit easier to tap thanks to its larger hit target.
  • We resolved an issue that prevented the “Capo Needs Your Help” alert from taking you to the iTunes Store or the Music app while importing music from your library.
  • When renaming a region, the interface is no longer inset on iPhone X devices.
  • Corrected the margins of the Trial Mode display on iOS 10.
  • The current chord display now correctly saves and restores in the project, and matches whatever was saved on the Mac.
  • Capo no longer crashes when a chord is dragged during playback.
  • When editing chords, certain partial search strings no longer return empty results.