About the Free Edition

What features do you get without paying?

Last Updated November 13, 2020

When you download Capo on macOS or iOS, you now get a powerful learning tool for free.

Without purchasing a subscription, you can enjoy unlimited access to all of Capo's powerful audio playback features:

  • Slow down playback without affecting pitch
  • Transpose songs to different keys
  • Finely adjust the tuning of old recordings
  • Use looping regions to practice along with the recording
  • Use the audio isolation feature to help you narrow in on (or eliminate) specific instruments

You also get to enjoy the benefits of Capo’s powerful time-saving features like chord, beat, and key detection!

The Free Edition of Capo is intended for young music students with a limited budget, and those that don’t really need to venture beyond Capo’s baseline feature set.

What's Missing?

Without an active subscription (or qualifying past purchase), Capo will not save your edits to Capo's chords, markers, regions, sections, and beats. In addition, on macOS your tabbing entries will not be saved, and you will not be able to export audio or MIDI data from Capo.

You can still access all the features that let you make changes to all the above, so you can see how they all work. It's just that those edits will not be saved when your project is closed.

Is All Saving Disabled?

No! Capo's saving feature is merely limited in its operation.

Capo still saves the following in your projects:

The automatically-detected chords and beats. This saves repeated, battery-draining processing work when you re-open a saved project.

Playback-related information like speed, transposition, tuning adjustments, isolation settings, and playback location are all saved in the project. This makes it easy for you to return to the spot where you left off learning as you switch between the projects for different songs that you're working on.

In addition, your projects will be synchronized between your devices using iCloud so you can move between your Mac and iOS devices without any hassle.