Waterloo, Ontario - August 4, 2015. SuperMegaUltraGroovy today announced the immediate availability of Capo 3.3, an update to its award-winning Mac application for helping musicians to learn songs by ear. This update received a major facelift to better match the design of OS X Yosemite, as well as some audible improvements in the form of new metronome and guitar samples to play back Capo's detected beats and chords, respectively.

"Continuing on our mission to improve our users' experience with Capo 3, I am pleased to share this much-needed update," says Chris Liscio, SuperMegaUltraGroovy's president. "We set out to improve not just the visual design of the product, but also the audio feedback system."

Capo uses sophisticated technology to detect the chords and beats from the original recording of a song. In addition, Capo allows users to identify and enter individual notes atop a detailed spectrogram—a picture of the frequency content in a song over time—to help them quickly "tab out" a song they are trying to learn. By clicking these notes, Capo provides audible feedback to allow musicians to use their ears to verify their entries against the song's recording.

Previous versions of Capo relied on system-supplied sounds to provide this audible feedback, as well as the "click track" that is supplied using Capo's metronome and count-in features.

"We found that while the system shipped with reasonably good piano and percussion sounds, none seemed to stand out above the recordings," adds Liscio. "After some long hours spent crafting a set of samples and testing them in Capo, we felt that we had a big improvement to share with our users as soon as possible."

Capo 3.3 now plays an acoustic guitar sound to replace the piano that was heard when users requested audible feedback in the song. "We find that this specific sound is far more effective at cutting through and standing out when played alongside most recordings," says Liscio. "Furthermore, we improved the playback of chords such that they now sound more like they are strummed, and different chord voicings now sound much closer to the real deal."

Capo 3.3 is now available on the Mac App Store for $29.99, and is a free update for existing Capo 3 customers. A free demo is available for download at capoapp.com/mac.

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