New in Capo 4.1

Building on Capo's last major update, Capo 4.1 contains some minor improvements that didn't make the cut for 4.0.

New Features

Handoff Support

Easily continue your work on projects that are stored in iCloud when switching between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Bring your devices close together, and you'll be given an option to continue your work where you left off..

Improvements & Bug Fixes

FLAC Support

When you create a new project by importing from an audio file, you can now select FLAC audio files that you have stored on your device, in your iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and others.

Other Fixes

Capo no longer allows an existing project to continue playing in the background when a new project is loaded using the Recents list on an iPad, and we fixed a handful of user-reported crashes.

Download on the App Store

Capo touch requires iOS 12 or later