Capo in Education

Teach, learn and build music performance skills

Al “Boogie” Carty

Professional musician & music director ›

Find out how Al “Boogie” Carty — bassist and musical director for some of today's most successful artists — analyzes music, creates charts, and what musical intuition means to him.

Martina Albano

The modern music teacher ›

Find out how Martina Albano — music teacher, mastering engineer and active singer-songwriter in Atlanta’s indie/pop music scene — uses Capo for songwriting, performing, and teaching.

Derek Olds

In the studio & live performance ›

Find out how Derek — co-owner of the Elation Entertainment studio in Los Angeles — uses Capo in his everyday musical life.

Matt Vanacoro

In the classroom & rock band class ›

Find out how Matt — a middle and high school teacher from New York — uses Capo to teach his rock band class.

Peggy Johnson

Vocal coaching the stars ›

Find out how Peggy — a music educator from Atlanta — uses Capo for teaching rhythm and groove to singers and other musicians.

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