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Chord Intelligence

We just shipped [Capo touch]( and [Capo 3.1]( last week—on the same day!—and a large part of the time on this project was spent building Chord Intelligence. I feel that the name is fitting; Chord Intelligence is trained from a collection of music and applies its knowledge to what it hears in an audio recording. You read that correctly: Capo's new chord detection engine is _trained_, and it does indeed _learn_.

Capo 3

On Monday I launched Capo 3—the most significant launch in my company's history. There are many reasons for its significance, but these three stand out:

  • It broke my previous one-day sales record by 2x on launch day
  • Capo got an Editor's Choice...

FuzzMeasure 3.2.5

It's been too long since I've spoken about FuzzMeasure.

To the outside world, it might seem like I've not done a thing with the product in years! Fortunately for my users, that is certainly not the case.

I have been working on a major update to FuzzMeasure...

TapeDeck and Capo Updates for the Mac

This week I shipped Capo 2.1.10 and TapeDeck 1.5.2.

Capo 2.1.10 addresses a few major issues that were found in the 2.1.9 update, as well as some longer-standing ones. For instance, the default keyboard shortcuts failed to operate properly and displayed...

Capo 2.1.9

It was an odd coincidence that Capo 2.1.9 was released on the same day as Capo 1.3 for iOS. I submitted both products on the same day, and fully expected the Mac update to take twice as long. I'm glad to see things seem to be improving with Mac App...

Capo 1.3 for iOS

Today I released Capo 1.3 for iOS, and you can buy it now from the link at

In this release, I added a much-requested feature. That is, you can now import MP3, WAV, AIFF, and MPEG-4 audio files from other applications...

Help Wanted

I'm going to level with you: I'm drowning here on my own with four products on my plate and a fast-moving set of platforms to support. I'd rather be focusing on adding features, but lately I am spending too much time on playing catch-up.

So instead...

TapeDeck 1.5

It might appear that I've not done much to the app in a while, but TapeDeck 1.5 represents months of technical debt repayment, plus a few new features.

First off, the new stuff. I added Retina support and improved the quality of YouTube uploads. Now...