Capo 4 is Now Available

• Chris Liscio

I'm so excited to finally share the latest major release of Capo. Today's release introduces two all-new song views, and includes our significantly-improved, 4th-generation chord detection engine.

Download Capo 4 now on the App Store:

In addition to the new features that we added today, we’ve improved the Free Edition of Capo to give it more capabilities for free. I think that this move is going to be extremely helpful for young music students, and users that don’t require access to Capo’s full feature set. Guitar teachers—tell all your students!

I’ve discussed this before, and it’s finally happened in version 4—Capo now contains subscriber-only features. Specifically, the Structure and Chords song views are only available to subscribers. If you purchased Capo 3 before we switched to subscriptions, you can check out the new song views by entering trial mode.

It bears repeating that subscriptions are still optional for those of you that paid for Capo before we made the switch. We’re continuing to deliver on our promise to keep improving the features you originally paid for, like the all-new chord detection engine that you'll receive for free.

There are a number of interesting technical details about this release, with the new chord detector being the first that I’ve discussed publicly. I hope to share more about Capo 4’s development in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for more.