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Interview with Al Carty

Understanding musical intuition and learning music with Al Carty — Bassist/Music Director for Alicia Keys and bassist for Rob Thomas, Ed Sheeran and more.

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Chord Intelligence

We just shipped Capo touch and Capo 3.1 last month and a large part of the time on this project was spent building Chord Intelligence. The name is fitting; Chord Intelligence is trained from a collection of music and applies its knowledge to what it hears in an audio recording. Read more about this new technology behind Capo touch for iOS and Capo 3.1 for Mac.

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Capo: Editing Chords

Tap on a chord to select it. You will hear the chord play and it will highlight to indicate that it is selected. While selected, you can move a chord by dragging it on the timeline. You can also change the chord by tapping on the highlighted name of the chord. Similar to regions, a chord may be removed by tapping on the "Remove Chord" button that appears where the "Add Chord" button is normally placed.

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