Hey, Look—It's Capo 4.3!

• Chris Liscio

Only a few (long!) months after sending 4.2 out the door, we’re back with another bite-sized update that continues to nudge Capo forwards. Here’s what we’ve got for you…

Bigger Chords

On your iPad or Mac, you can now choose to display your chords—labels, boxes, or simple piano diagrams—bigger! This makes it easier to read the chords in the PRACTICE, (TABBING on macOS,) and CHORDS song views at a distance.

You’ll find the size setting in the same spot that you choose your preferred chord display.

In-App Release Notes

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading the release notes for the apps that I use frequently. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a pain to go and find them on the App Store when you’re getting automatic app updates.

So now we’re shipping release notes history for all 8 of our supported languages along with the app. When the next update of Capo ships, you’ll be prompted (gently) to check those out and read about what we’ve been up to.

Bug Fixes & Such…

I also made a point to spend a solid chunk of time during this development period to attack some of the trickier bugs that have been lurking in the backlog. Where can you learn more about that? In the release notes (for iOS, for macOS) of course!

Looking Forwards

I feel like I'm starting to get into a more sustainable routine with these smaller updates, but it's taken quite a bit of effort to get where I am right now. Personally, I find it difficult to balance the larger-scale R&D work with the daily grind of attacking the backlog of incoming feature requests and general enhancements.

During my work on the 4.3 release, I was happy to dedicate a hunk of the allocated time to focus on a massive new R&D project that I have been trying to get started for a while. But what I'm especially happy about, is that I was able to set that research aside (somewhat) gracefully and keep on trucking to get the rest of the work on 4.3 done.

Back to the grind I go!