Capo 4.2 Now Available

• Chris Liscio

In case you've not already seen it, you can grab the latest version of Capo from the App Store on iOS or macOS.

Metal-Powered Spectrogram

On the Mac side of things, I finally got around to porting our spectrogram display engine over to use the Metal graphics API. There's quite a bit going on under the hood to draw the spectrogram, so this took some time to get done. It was an important bit of maintenance that I have been putting off, so it feels good to have this taken care of.

iOS Audio Export

For our iOS users, I'm pleased to say that we finally added audio exports to Capo. It's not the most commonly-used feature on macOS, but it is used by enough folks that it's been requested many times over the years.

iOS UI Rearrangement

In the process of adding audio exports, I was forced to make a few rearrangements to the header in the Project view. I needed a spot to put the export feature, wanted to balance out the navigation bar, and I was not super thrilled that the current Song View wasn't named in the control that you used to switch between them.

I'm not moving as quickly as I'd like on these smaller releases, but I'm pleased that they're getting out there at the same time that I'm picking away at some of the more ambitious, long-term moonshot features.

For example, between the 4.1 and 4.2 releases I've also taken a much-needed course on DSP, and have been finding my way around the Rust programming language as a replacement for the spots where I'd normally turn to C or C++. I have a nifty proof of concept prototype of a SwiftUI wrapper around a Rust-based DSP audio effect that is showing a lot of promise, and I'm looking forward to exploring that space further in the coming years.

But now I must venture off and start tackling the list for 4.3!