Developer Notes - Capo touch 2.4

• Chris Liscio

We shipped Capo touch 2.4 today with a few minor (but important) enhancements.

What's New?

The most noticeable difference in 2.4 is that you now browse your music library from a single, consolidated "My Music" tab in Capo's top-level UI. That change paved the way to adding playlist browsing (finally!), which I'm sure will make a lot of users happy.

In addition, I re-added the search functionality that got dropped in the previous release. It was a painful thing to hold back, but while I had it built & "working" it was so buggy that I couldn't justify shipping it at the time. What I built for Capo touch 2.4 is so much nicer in the code, and it behaves better than the old search did.

I also improved a lot of stuff behind the scenes. Changes in Swift 3 and the iOS APIs helped me build an improved iCloud document handling system, and improve performance in the song browsing screens.

Looking Forward

So what's up next for me? I'm continuing to unify the Mac & iOS code bases, working towards a rather big long-term goal for Capo. On the development side, the Mac has come a long way with its APIs since Capo touch shipped in 2014, which sets me up to make some interesting improvements that'll keep the Capo train moving forward.

In the near term, keep your eye out for an update for Capo on the Mac to support the Touch Bar in the nifty new MacBook Pros. Apple did an excellent job with their APIs and frankly I think that it's going to improve bits of Capo's UI in ways that will even benefit those without the special hardware.

Now, back to work I go!