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Introducing Neptune

• Chris Liscio

Over the summer I built a really cool isolation engine and called it Neptune. Why Neptune? Here's the abbreviated version: Isolate → iSOL-8 → SOL-8 → 8th Planet from the Sun → Neptune.

Today, SuperMegaUltraGroovy's Neptune isolation engine ships in a free update to both Capo and Capo touch, and I'm excited for you all to finally get your hands on it!

The Isolation effect replaces the old "effects stack" that shipped with Capo—Mono, Equalization, and Vocal Reduction. That's because isolation is capable of doing everything those old effects did, and with much fewer controls! You'll find the isolation controls in the same spot that you used to find the old effects settings, so grab the updates and check the isolation out for yourself—it's really cool!

Visit the Neptune page to learn more.