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FuzzMeasure 3.2.5

• Chris Liscio

It's been too long since I've spoken about FuzzMeasure.

To the outside world, it might seem like I've not done a thing with the product in years! Fortunately for my users, that is certainly not the case.

I have been working on a major update to FuzzMeasure for quite some time now. The work has been slow, but I assure you that significant progress has been made. I certainly bit off more than I could chew with this one, so it's going to be a little while still.

Unfortunately for my users, that just means more waiting. Few people like to wait, no matter how much greater the reward will be.

During all this development, I have identified and corrected some issues in the code that I'm unhappy with. Many of those bug fixes required large engineering efforts that cannot be integrated into the FuzzMeasure 3.2 code base. Fortunately for my users, that's not true for all the fixes!

So today's release includes a little fix that actually makes a big difference to FuzzMeasure's operation. When checking for an adequate recording level, FuzzMeasure will now analyze the recorded audio, and not the calculated impulse response.

When I first implemented this check, it made perfect sense because it was working to ensure adequate SNR in the impulse response. In reality, it was too often filtering out impulses that had legitimate reasons for being "too quiet". For instance, a subwoofer with adequate recording level would result in an impulse response with a very small magnitude.

In addition to the above fix, I managed to get the FuzzMeasure application bundle signed using my Developer ID, which makes downloading the application on newer Macs go much more smoothly.

I hope to have more to share soon regarding FuzzMeasure. Stay tuned, and go download FuzzMeasure 3.2.5 now!.