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Help Wanted

• Chris Liscio

I'm going to level with you: I'm drowning here on my own with four products on my plate and a fast-moving set of platforms to support. I'd rather be focusing on adding features, but lately I am spending too much time on playing catch-up.

So instead of continuing to put this off, I need to attack this problem head-on. I want to find someone that I can work with on the fun and exciting things that I am building. Hopefully you are the one I am looking for.

In a perfect world, I would like to find a skilled iOS and Mac developer that is an expert in the following fields:

Pretty crazy, right? I mean, nobody can be an expert in all that stuff. However, I hope you read the list above and got somewhat excited because you are great at some of it, and wish to learn more about the rest.

So, send me an email and let's talk about how you can help me to continue making some of the best software on the Mac, iPhones, and iPads. Please include any relevant information about your background, and some examples of code you've shipped.

Note that this is a full-time contract-to-hire position. Telecommuting is a necessity.