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We've Moved!

• Chris Liscio

Since early 2011, I have been planning a set of large-scale moves that would impact my work life greatly. My wife and I decided to build and move into a new home, and I needed to finally incorporate SuperMegaUltraGroovy.

Quite naïvely, I initially thought that I could keep my development work going strong during this period. Unfortunately, much of the past year turned out to be a write-off in that regard. Between the planning required to uproot and move our lives across town, and the many steps involved in transferring my sole proprietorship over to a new corporate entity, I had my hands full.

During this time I hired some help on the support side to ensure that my customers would not get left behind. While updates and fixes would certainly be slowed, I could at least ensure that communication with my users was not severed. This exercise proved to take a lot of my development time away, but I feel that it was a wise investment that will continue to pay off as I go deep on the development side again.

As of right now, SuperMegaUltraGroovy Inc's first fiscal year has completed and I have survived moving my family into the house. The kids are in new schools, and everyone seems to be settling in nicely.

On the work side, I have a lot of catching up to do. Apple's been giving me a long list of new features and technology to work with over the past 18 months, and I've been scrambling to try and keep up with it all. It's been both frustrating and exciting, but I think I will be able to get my head above water again soon.

Heck, maybe I'll even start blogging semi-regularly again! (Ha! Let's not get ahead of ourselves…)