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FuzzMeasure Introductory Videos

• Chris Liscio

Late last year, Nathan and I took some time and filmed a bunch of videos. Three of those videos were created to help FuzzMeasure users understand the basics of setting up for a measurement.

The first video outlines what you'll need in order to use FuzzMeasure properly: a USB/Firewire audio device, a microphone, a sound source, and the appropriate cables to attach them together.

The second video walks you through the process of setting levels for a successful measurement. It's common to forget or rush this step, so I went through the process myself—making sure to mess it up a little bit.

The third (and final) video demonstrates the automatic correction feature using a loopback cable. This process tends to confuse most new users, but it is very important for guaranteeing accurate results.

My hope is that these videos will make it easier for new users to dive into FuzzMeasure and begin making useful measurements more quickly.