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Capo 2.1.5 - Now with (even more) awesome sound!

• Chris Liscio

I'm happy to announce that Capo 2.1.5 is now available on the Mac App Store, or directly from

The big star in this release is the new audio slowing engine that I licensed late last year. I had a very successful year of sales in 2011, and decided to put a chunk of that cash towards improving Capo's audio quality. I already went all out on the visual side, so naturally it was time to deliver on the audio side as well!

Integrating the audio library took quite a bit of time, because I ended up using the re-architected audio engine that I built for Capo on the iPhone. Now the two products share much more common code on that front.

One thing to note is that the iPhone version of Capo has already been using this audio engine from the start, though the quality isn't quite as high as the new Mac version due to the lack of resources on the mobile devices. That said, the audio quality on the iPhone is actually better than the previous Mac versions!

To mark this new release, I added a new 'Audio' tab to the website at, so you can hear the new engine at work. I'm quite excited about how much better it sounds than before, and I think you'll also enjoy the improved clarity when slowing your music way down.

Of course, this is a free upgrade for all existing users of Capo 2 for the Mac! So what are you waiting for? Go buy, or update your copy now!