Let's Celebrate the ADA win with a Sale!

• Chris Liscio

We all know how great Capo is, right? For me, it's helped me figure out plenty of solos on my guitar, and a whole bunch of cool grooves on the drums. During WWDC last week, I spoke with a great deal of excited users that shared similar stories about how Capo has been an invaluable tool for them.

Now Apple's gone and called Capo out as an example of great design and technology use in the 2011 Apple Design Awards! I'm pretty excited about that, and I think you should be too.

As the years have gone by, Apple has moved away from having categories for the Apple Design Awards—even dropping the Mac category completely in 2010. Being a "pro apps" developer on the Mac that serves fairly niche markets, I felt that my chances of winning a Design Award (again!) had eroded to almost nothing over the past 5 years.

Games, social networking apps, productivity, and other mass-appeal products typically win the top honors from Apple. That's because they do a great job of spreading the technology adoption message far and wide: to users and developers alike.

But this year, a highly specialized musical learning tool has made the cut and beat out some other amazing apps on the Mac App Store. As a musician, an indie developer, an audio nerd, a DSP enthusiast, and performance optimization fanatic, this is a very exciting event. It sends some very welcome motivational messages to my corner of the market.

Learning to play music on real instruments is still cool! Researching and adopting cutting-edge technology will get you noticed! Sweating the details of your app's performance isn't a waste of time! Doing it independently is still possible!

So, to celebrate my excitement about this win, and to speed up the adoption of Capo on the Mac and iOS, I've put both the Mac and iOS versions of Capo on sale. Up until June 30th, you can buy either (or both!) product(s) for 20% off.


If you're a musician that doesn't already own a copy of Capo, then you need to jump on this sale quickly! You'll probably need a few extra bucks to cover the extra picks, strings and sticks you're going to wear through with all the playing you'll be doing…