FuzzMeasure Digital Room Correction PlugIn

• Chris Liscio

I was planning to hold off on releasing the DRC output PlugIn until FuzzMeasure 2.1, but some slight modifications to the source and some housekeeping allowed me to get the release out sooner for 2.0 users. I know some folks were looking for a way to easily get FuzzMeasure to output impulses they could use with their BruteFIR and Squeezebox setups (see here for more details on how to set this up), and this should help make that whole process go much more smoothly.

I have released this PlugIn via Google's Project Hosting. You can reach the smug project page at http://code.google.com/p/smug/. You'll also notice that the DRC PlugIn is released with full source under the MIT license, so you can basically do what you want with it. If you're not looking to touch the code, though, you'll find binary packages for both drc and DRCPlugIn that should be totally ready to go on your machine.

FuzzMeasure 2.0 shipped with a very powerful PlugIn interface, but I didn't work hard enough to document it or make it reusable. Part of the reason was that I wasn't sure what types of PlugIns people actually needed. I could have easily shipped a PlugIn that allowed you to attenuate (i.e. lower the level of) your measurements, but that'd be useless. Finally, the Digital Room Correction PlugIn gave me an opportunity to put a very useful example out there for folks to build on.

Keep your eye out for more updates in the form of PlugIn examples in the near future. By writing the PlugIns in Python (with the help of PyObjC), they're very easy to churn out, and the code is nice and compact.