Capo's audio engine includes another useful trick, which is that it allows you to save your songs (or just pieces of them) into audio files, and your notes and chords into MIDI files.

Exporting Audio

When you export audio, all of Capo's effects—changes to the song's playback speed, isolation settings, and pitch modifications—are baked into the audio file that is saved.

To export the entire song

To export audio within a region

NOTE: You will be prompted to set the name, location and file format when you export audio files. Capo can export files using the MPEG-4 AAC audio codec, as well as uncompressed AIFF or WAV files. When exporting AAC files, Capo can add some helpful tags to help you keep your exported audio organized.

Exporting notes and/or chords

Capo can save MIDI files that contain Capo's detected chords, and any notes that you entered on the spectrogram.

To save a MIDI file from Capo

NOTE: Capo will show a different Export menu item in the File menu depending on whether your song only has notes or chords contained within it. If both are present, you will be given a choice of what to include in the file.

Technical Considerations

Last updated: August 19, 2021