An active subscription (or a qualifying purchase) is required in order to unlock all the features in Capo touch.

Subscription Plans

Capo touch Pro

When you subscribe to Capo touch Pro, you will get access to all the features that are available in Capo touch today, as well as any new features that we add in the future.

This access is limited to your iOS devices, and the Capo touch Pro subscription does not unlock the features in Capo for macOS.

Capo Platinum

When you subscribe to Capo Platinum, you will get access to all the features that are available in Capo today, as well as any new features that we add in the future. Plus you gain access to these features on your other devices.

More specifically, you will be able to use Capo's features on your computers that run macOS—an iMac, MacBook Pro, etc.

Device Activation

As a Capo Platinum subscriber, you can access all the Capo Pro subscription features on all your devices running iOS and macOS.

Automatic Device Activation

Starting with Capo touch 2.10.2 and Capo 3.8, the Activation process is now completely automatic, and no longer requires the use of activation codes.

Upon purchasing the Platinum subscription, your other devices will indicate that they are subscribed the next time you launch Capo or Capo touch.


If you notice that your other devices are still in Trial mode, check all of the following.

Update Capo on all your devices. Make sure that Capo touch is running version 2.10.2 or later, and Capo for macOS is running version 3.8 or later.

Make sure that iCloud Drive is enabled on all the devices that you use Capo with, and double-check the list of apps with iCloud access to verify Capo is allowed to store data in iCloud.

Use the same iCloud account on all the devices you use Capo with.

If you still have trouble accessing your Platinum subscription from your other devices, please email support for further assistance.

Family Sharing

Starting in late 2020, Capo's subscriptions will be shared automatically with your family members via Apple's Family Sharing feature.

However, if you subscribed to one of Capo's plans before December 2020, you need to enable family sharing manually.

To enable family sharing on your subscription:

  1. Open the App Store App
  2. Tap on your user account icon at the top-right of your screen
  3. Tap the Subscriptions item
  4. Locate, and tap on your Capo subscription in the list
  5. In the Edit Subscription screen, ensure that the "Share with Family" switch is on

Sharing a Platinum Subscription

You must activate a Platinum subscription for your family members using the same platform on which you purchased the subscription.

For example, if you purchased a Platinum subscription from your Mac, your family members must first launch Capo on their Mac before they can unlock Capo on their iPhone or iPad. Similarly, if you purchased from an iPhone or iPad, your family members must first launch Capo on their iPhone or iPad before they can unlock Capo on their Mac.

Note that your family members must be signed into iCloud on both platforms for the cross-device activation to work. See the Capo Platinum section for further details.


If you have trouble activating your subscription on your family's devices, please contact support for further assistance.

Unlocking with an Eligible Purchase

If you purchased Capo touch before we offered subscriptions, you should not encounter any trial restrictions while accessing the original feature set that you paid for.

Capo touch automatically determines your eligibility based on purchase information that is embedded in the software, so there is no action required on your part to continue using the software.

Entering Trial Mode

Starting in version 4.0, we have added new features that require a subscription to access, such as the Structure and Chords song views.

If you'd like to try the subscription-only features, you can enter Trial Mode at any time by selecting one of the song views that are marked with a TRIAL indicator. Upon doing so, Capo will no longer save changes to your Project as you evaluate the new features.

Should you decide to subscribe to access these new features, you will be given discounted upgrade pricing for as long as you choose to remain subscribed.

Don't see anything worth paying for? No problem! Close the project, and you'll be back to using Capo touch as usual. We will continue trying to earn your subscription in future releases with more subscriber-only features.

How Best to Subscribe

The below applies only to users that wish to upgrade to a Platinum subscription, and who have previously purchased Capo in the past on both platforms.

If the above doesn't apply to you, then purchase the upgrade subscription of your choice using the device that you typically use. If you don't see upgrade options when you choose to subscribe, please email support for further assistance.

The below are intended to ensure that you save the most money on your

If you have purchased Capo for macOS, and purchased Capo touch for iOS (after July 2014):

Subscribe to the Capo Platinum UPGRADE using your Mac. If you are not offered the upgrade subscription option, please email support for further assistance.

If you have purchased Capo for macOS, and subscribed to Capo Pro on iOS:

Subscribe to the Capo Platinum UPGRADE using your Mac, but be sure to cancel your Capo Pro subscription on iOS.

Restore Purchases

In the event that Capo touch fails to identify that you have already made an eligible purchase, try the following.

In the Settings screen, tap Choose a Plan. When presented with the Subscribe Now! screen, tap on the Restore Purchases button. You may be asked to sign in with your App Store account.

Last updated: October 18, 2019