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Note: Capo 2 requires Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. If you are running 10.5, please download Capo 1.1.

Reverse Engineering Rock and Roll

Capo is a revolutionary tool that helps you learn the music in your iTunes library. By slowing your music, and presenting a detailed spectrogram, Capo lets you hear and see your music like never before. Watch Video button

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The store is built right into Capo, so download it first and try before you buy! Then, when you're ready, click Purchase from the Capo menu.

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Episode 4: Building Skill (2:38)

Here's a quick tip about building your skill gradually to play your favorite solos using Capo, and some practice.

Episode 3 thumbnail

Episode 3: Learning Chords (8:20)

I'll show you how to learn the chord progression of a song, as well as the song's key, using nothing but Capo and your ears.

Episode 2 thumbnail

Episode 2: Tuning and Recordings (4:57)

I'll walk you through the process of tuning your guitar to a song, or tuning the song to your guitar using Capo.

Episode 1 thumbnail

Episode 1: Basic Training for your Ears (3:49)

I'll introduce the most basic exercise to help you develop your ear, so you can start learning music with Capo.

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